Membership Benefits

New Member Socials
Your very first PMC event! Meet other new members and learn about the PMC.

Find a playgroup for your child’s birth year or your family’s interests.

Moms Night Outs
Fun, monthly gatherings for moms.

Meals In a Pinch
Volunteers provide meals to members who are sick, have just given birth, or are dealing with a crisis.

Monthly Socials
Get to know other families at these fun events!

Indoor Winter Play Space
We host an indoor play space to help keep the little ones busy in winter.

Shared Interest Groups
Find a group that matches your interests, from sewing moms to moms over 40, or start your own group!

All of our monthly events and news delivered to your mailbox, or accessible online in our membership forum.

Preschool Resource Guide
A detailed list of local preschools.

Online Community
Share, advise, post classifies, and learn about the latest events.

PMC Discount Program
Local businesses offer a discount to PMC members.