Gift Card Donation Drive Update

We are so blown away with the generosity of those near and far. At this point, we have raised over $10,000 in $25 gift cards for the evacuees and survivors of the Sonoma fires. As you may know, the shelters are beginning to close as individuals and families are placed in temporary housing accommodations. Petaluma People Services is spearheading this and doing an amazing job! Please know, the shelters closing does not mean our work to support and provide assistance to those who still need our help is over. Many are re-starting their lives, with nothing, and our work has just begun!! The gift cards are helping victims buy food, clothing and other necessities. We will continue to collect them through October 31st. Starting Monday, 10/16, we will be partnering with Petaluma People Services for distribution. They know the survivors and their needs best. Please continue to donate and support our gift card drive. It takes a village, and what an amazing village we have!!! #PetalumaMothersClub #SonomaStrong

With much love,
Megan Cusimano
Petaluma Mothers’ Club President

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