Hot Summer Nights Out

“Mom, Mommy, Mama…!!”

Sometimes that’s the only name we are called all day long and it can begin to wear you down. I know being a mother is my biggest joy, but I am only the mother that I am to Scarlett because I have found ways to focus on who I am as a woman beyond the daily care of my family. I feel that this is true for many of you, and it is why I have thoroughly enjoyed hosting and planning events with Moms Night Out for the Petaluma Mother’s Club. Providing a chance for us to get out, be called by our first names, and spend some time away from the never ending mental task list that is motherhood, can do wonders for our spirits! Sometimes it is getting dressed up with heels and a face full of makeup, other times it’s staying in yoga pants and gossiping over wine and treats; basically finding some “me time” that’s not locking yourself in the bathroom.

Out of your comfort zone

There is always an element to Moms Night Out that can push you out of your comfort zone. There have been multiple events where I’ve learned a new skill like pottery, tried a new restaurant like the Big Easy downtown, or challenged myself with Paint Nights, all the while learning things about myself and the other women around me. Back in college, I felt like I was always on some new wild adventure, but now having my daughter, my energy is hyper focused on creating them for her. I feel it is imperative for us to do the same for ourselves, as we are still growing and experiencing the world around.

Creating a safe space

I always find it funny how many of our conversations resort back to stories of our children, or the dynamic with our partners at home; but the safe space we create to vent out our feelings
is an essential aspect to getting out and letting it out! As we share stories with each other we find there are endless avenues of support and advice from other moms who are either going through similar experiences or who have come through the other side. Keep in mind, this advice isn’t always about the kids, it ranges from vacation spots, date night locations, mother in law suggestions, home repair, recipes and so much more. Each of you helps create the safe space for conversation and I truly respect everyone’s ability to listen without judgement and support each other with ease.

The importance of Mom’s Night Out

The Mom’s Night Out position has been a part of the club since the beginning 25 years ago, and it is clear why it has evolved into what it is today. I feel like it connects moms who have just joined with moms have ‘been around the block.’ I know for several of you, a Moms Night Out was the first or second event you attended as a member and I feel like that means its serving its purpose. I want to provide events that are fun, comfortable, challenging, and encouraging for women to reconnect with themselves within motherhood. I hope to continue MNO’s this year with a range of lively events from drinks on the town, creative craft nights, physically challenging events, and spa nights! I am always up for new suggestions so feel free to email me with any ideas. I hope to see you all at some point this year and I promise to call you by your name 🙂

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