Playgroups Are a Big Reason Why Some Moms Join the PMC

In the PMC we have playgroups set up using Facebook groups

These groups help connect parents who are in similar lifestyle situations. Most members are in the playgroup that correlates with their child’s age. Recently, we have started to create playgroups that also connect parents with similar interests; military families, runners, and working parents are just a few examples of current groups.

The purpose of these groups is to connect similar families

Sometimes this just means a place to chat, ask questions, and share information. When you find that there are 20, 30, or 50 families that are going through the same day to day adventures as you are, you start to realize you are not doing this alone. We lean on each other for support or encouragement, build friendships, and use one other as a resource guide, even if that means finding a good local plumber. We share pictures of big milestones, and funny memes to get through the midnight feedings. We get ideas from each other about what to get Dad for Father’s Day, and we chat about our in-laws. When you have a village of like- minded families around you, it makes the hard times easier, and the good times even better!

Another huge aspect of our playgroups is meet ups, or play dates

My first experience of a play date was when my daughter was three months old. I didn’t know what you do at a three month olds play date. Well, we set the babies down on the floor and we talked. We drank coffee and ate snacks and got to know each other. That is when I realized that play dates with
a 3-month old are not for the kids, but for the parents. I have even seen ladies who are pregnant with their first child come to play dates! Now that the kids are older, we meet at parks, restaurants, lakes, pools, or homes; usually somewhere the
kids can play while we socialize. It’s wonderful to see my kids excited about getting together with friends, and they are all friends that we have met through the PMC playgroups.

If you are looking for a playgroup to get you more connected to other PMC families, check out the Playgroup Guide towards the end of the newsletter.

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