PMC Board Member of the Month {August}

When I try to think back to the first time I met Carli, I stumble because I feel like we have always been friends. Her quick to laugh, easy going, kind personality was magnetic from the onset; bonus that our one year olds love to play together. I have been lucky enough to get to know her outside of reporting on her BMOM recipient status but I was excited to take the opportunity to get to know her even better!

Carli grew up in southern California but moved up to the bay area for work after college. Carli went to University of Oregon (“Go Ducks!”) and majored in journalism but has worked in graphic design so refers to herself as such, hence her role as the PMC newsletter designer, which she rocks at! She was living in San Francisco when she met her long time beaux and now husband Kyle. Kyle is from Sonoma County so when they were ready to settle down and start a family, Petaluma was a no brainer. After being married a couple years Carli, Kyle, and their two dogs, Roscoe and Penny, welcomed little miss Iris to their family. Iris is now about 15 months and not slowing down any time soon.

Carli loves to travel and watch movies and when asked what her and Kyle have in common she said “we love to laugh
and chill,” which explains so much about her ability to make everyone around her smile and have a good time. I have had the honor to also hang with Kyle, who is a wonderful musician and is in a band with some friends! No wonder she fell for him! He’s the one who recently convinced me, while effortlessly playing kids songs on the guitar for our little ones, to try to learn guitar again.

When Carli was pregnant with Iris she had lived in Petaluma for a couple years but most of her friends were in the city still. Her doctor recommended joining the PMC and she has proclaimed to be forever grateful because she “has met great friends” and says “this group of women is amazing.” As a momma she says her favorite part is “the little moments when you catch your child achieving something or they just have that big smile on their faces.” And she loves that “Iris is a pretty good hugger these days.” Iris already has so much of Carli’s sweetness and sense of humor, it’s no wonder she is a joy to be around.

If I was to summarize, I would say that Carli is a mom up for anything, who loves to be on the go and makes it look easy. Whether it’s the park, children’s museum or library with the babes; book club, pottery night, wine drinking, or fun times with the mommas, Carli is down! You will be hard pressed to find another person more willing to lend a helping hand or carve out time to be a shoulder to lean on, while at the same time lifting your spirits and bringing you back to earth. We are all lucky to have a mom like Carli in the PMC!

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