PMC Member of the Month {July}

Naturally handling motherhood

When I sat down with Kendra it struck me right away how naturally she handles motherhood. She has two beautiful girls, Harper, who is 2 and a half, and Sloane, who is 8 months old. Harper was born with a rare disease called Lissencephaly. Kendra and her husband Peter learned early on what Harpers life would look like and they not only took the information in stride with strength and grace they became dedicated to enriching her quality of life and involved in organizations that raise funding for rare disease research. While listening to Kendra talk about Harper you can’t help but admire her; there we were sitting in a coffee shop and while she bounced and entertained Sloane, whose big blue eyes and social butterfly personality lit up the room, and rain her fingers through Harpers hair, which she obviously loved, we chatted effortlessly! When, towards the end of our meeting, she said [about learning to care for Harper and then having another child] “I could let this eat me alive or I can go with the flow and do what I can,” it felt like a breath of fresh air.

A little about Kendra before

Kendra grew up in San Luis Obispo and came to Sonoma County for university. She was a Nanny for 10 years before she became a nurses assistant in the NICU. As a nanny she rarely watched less than 2 kids at a time, which really helped get her ready for have multiple children herself! She recalls her experience in the NICU as a big help for preparing her for having children and for helping her realize that when she had Harper she also had to make her marriage a priority, seeing so many marriages struggle when a child has a rare disease. Kendra and Peter will be married 5 years this September! 5 years ago they were set up on a double blind date and the rest is history. Peter is from Petaluma and Kendra fit right in with his big outgoing family and soon enough Kendra’s dad and step-mom moved to Petaluma to be closer. They have been very fortunate to have a lot of support from their family so that they can squeeze date nights etc into their busy lives.

A little about Kendra now

Although she feels she needs to make more time for herself and put herself first more often, Kendra regularly attends crossfit classes at a studio in downtown petaluma. She started not to long after Harper was born and maintained her routine through her pregnancy with Sloane. Her water even broke at the studio! She loves to camp with her family and be outdoors and loves to be social but enjoys the balance of doing things alone as well. She joined the PMC when Harper was just 6 months and although her experience as a new mom was very different from many mommas that she met she says she always felt very included and loved getting to know people. And now with Sloane she is really enjoying the different dynamic of being a mom of two while also feeling like a first time mom sometimes because the experience is so different. She really feels like the mothers club is a great space to meet new people who understand what its like to be a mom!

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