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    Last Friday, the PMC gathered for the annual Super Play Date at McNear Park.  Everyone had a wonderful evening getting together families of the PMC. It was so fun to see children of all ages playing together in the park. 

    Our Programs coordinator, Kendra Hornberger organized the event including a delicious meal from Mi Pueblo!  Each family brought a yummy side or dessert to share to complete our delicous meal! The kids played all evening as the adults got to visit and get to know each other better

     Face painting was provided by Lu Lu's which really added to the fun!  

    She is incredibly talented and the kids looked amazing!

     She did an amazing job and would be great to contact if you are looking for entertainment for your child's​ birthday or event! 

    Thank you all for coming and sharing your stories! We are so lucky for this beautiful community. 

    Thank you Mallory Loewenthal for providing the pictures for our blog post.  

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    Our Board Member of the Month for June is Nicole Fuga

    We are so honored to have Nika on our board and asked her a few questions to get to know more about her!  

    1. Who are the members of your family?

    Me, my husband Chad, my daughters Lila (4yrs) and Suniya (2 yrs).

    2. Where are you from originally?

    I was born and raised in the Philadelphia area but spent many years living between Florida and Costa Rica before moving to California.

    3. Why did you decide to settle in Petaluma?

    We had been living in San Rafael for 3 years and with rising cost of housing coupled with still really craving more community, we decided to try out Petaluma.   I’d always loved it’s small town charm, access to the city & still be in Sonoma and mostly felt really drawn to the town so we followed it!

    4. Why did you join the PMC?

    As soon as we moved to Petaluma and I decided to join PMC & immediately joined the board.   I thought since I was new to town it would be a great way to engage with other moms and try to help support other moms.   I’ve been a board member every since (currently in my 4th year).

    5. What is your favorite part of the PMC?

    PMC is more than a club, it’s a family.  I’ve met so many moms through the club and whether we are close friends or not, there is an amazing willingness to show up for each other-- meal trains, advice, all kinds of sweet offerings.     It feels like a supportive web that really makes Petaluma so special & unique.

    6. What is the most surprising part of becoming a parent?

    How difficult it is to find balance esp in the early years.   I’d heard it but it is pretty unimaginable. Without support of local family, it’s really been a challenge.   It’s really made me question living so far from family-- the village seems so crucial in that time.

    7. Do you have any passions or hobbies outside of parenthood/career?

    Yes, so many-- if only I had more time for them!   All things Art and Creative Expression: Painting, Drawing, Writing, Poetry, Dance, etc….  I practice Yoga & Meditation daily thus why they are such a huge part of my work and passions!    Aside from my studies and practice in Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine/Women’s Health & Pregnancy/Fertility, I am a very passionate herbalist & medicine maker.   I love identifying wild plants, growing them, making medicine (tinctures, salves, creams, teas, etc) and creating connections with plants. And lastly, I love being outdoors-- get out for a hike, swimming and of course traveling to beautiful outdoor places locally or other countries.

    8. What’s your perfect Friday night?

    Getting together with some of our friends and their kiddos enjoying good food, playing some music/singing and handing out.   If I am wiped out from a long work week- a restorative yoga class would be even better!

    9. Do you prefer summer or winter, or fall or spring? Summer.   I am a tropical, summer girl all the way (thus explaining my MANY years in FL & CR aka at the beach!)

    10. Do you have any animals?  Nope


    11. Are there any particular movies or tv shows you love?   Not really a TV/movie girl.   I love books!

    12. Talk radio or music when in the car?   Sometimes esp if my kids aren’t in the car I just enjoy the silence, sometimes I am blasting world music and other times tuning into an audiobook.

    13. What do your kids do that drive you crazy and what do they do that melts your heart?   Drive me crazy is likely the challenge to ever do things quickly when we really need to get out the door or get something done at a specific time.   Melt my heart- the deep and simple value to them of wanting to eat breakfast together or have me sing special songs at night, snuggling on my lap under my shawl during my morning meditation or saying something so simple, but so wise (and true).

    14. Does your family have any special traditions?  One simple but really special tradition we have is going around the table at dinner and saying what we are grateful for.   I am also 100% Italian and so cooking, teaching my kids to cook, growing our food/gardening, eating and sharing food with others is a sacred tradition for me.   We love having friends over for dinner and bringing meals to others who need them.

    15. If you could give advice to a new mom in one sentence what would it be?

    Take a deep breath and remember, you are doing an amazing job.

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