The Petaluma Mothers Club offers several members-only Facebook groups. The groups are the primary way our members connect with each other outside of attending PMC events. Members share experiences, ask questions, give advice, and schedule play dates.

Age-based Playgroups (highly recommended!)

We have playgroups organized by the birth year of your child. Please join the appropriate year for each of your children. And if your child is expected/born between October and February, you are welcomed and encouraged to join both playgroup years. We launch the coming year in the Fall of the preceding year. If you are expecting and do not see the next birth year group from yet, please reach out to help us populate some early members and help get the group started. 

Interest-based Playgroups (optional)

We have many interest-based playgroups. The most popular is our classified Buy/Sell/Trade group for finding or selling baby and parenting gear. We also have groups focused on fitness, languages, supporting working parents, etc. Members can form new interest groups by contacting the President.

You must be an active Petaluma Mothers' Club member to join our Facebook Groups. It can take group admins 2-3 days to verify membership before approval of new members.

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