Hello PMC!

08/22/2023 3:26 PM | Deleted user

My name is Annie and I am mom to two year old Rorie. I have only joined the PMC recently, but attended a board member meeting soon after and found the role as blogger available. I love to write so I volunteered for the position and here I am. 

For my first post as the PMC blogger this year, I thought I would simply introduce myself and let you know what topics I’m personally most interested in and also ask you, members, what topics you’re interested in. So, if you have any suggestions, please send them over. 

I’m originally from Queens, NY, but grew up in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Beijing. I went to a small liberal arts college in Maine and decided to become a Montessori teacher. After teaching at Montessori schools for ten years , I decided to work for myself so I started an in-home day care out of my apartment when I was still living in Berkeley. Then, wishing for more green space, in 2019, my husband and I moved to Petaluma where I now continue to run a day care. 

So here I am. As a teacher, a mom and a fairly new resident of Petaluma, here are the things that preoccupy my mind… How will I raise my daughter to speak Mandarin? Why isn’t there more shade in the playgrounds?! Why aren’t there better playgrounds for infants and toddlers?! Is there a community for moms who became moms later in life? Are there good home school communities in Petaluma? Is Waldorf something I want to explore? 

In a nutshell, those are a few thoughts I would like to delve into. Please let me know what you as caregivers in Petaluma want to read about. If anyone would like to guest blog at any point, that is also welcome! If anyone would like to contact me with questions, suggestions or to collaborate, please email me at anniedewi@mac.com

Looking forward to becoming more involved and  getting to know PMC members better this year! 



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