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August Board Member of the Month-Julianne Buchler

08/22/2018 3:53 PM | Anonymous

Julianne Buchler

August Board Member of the Month

 Where would you like to live? 

 In Petaluma! My husband, Rick, son James (6 months), and cat Smitty, and I moved to Petaluma  from Chicago this past June. It was a very fast move for us, as Rick was offered a job at the  Sonoma Valley Hospital in Administration and we had to say “yes” within 3 days! We packed up  and headed out a few weeks later, having rented a home on Craigslist sight-unseen and not  knowing anyone in (or anything much in general about) the area! It turned out to be paradise in  our opinion. I keep saying to Rick, “there must be something we are missing, because nowhere  can be this great”! The people in Petaluma are amazing and (thanks greatly to PMC!) we have  already met some great friends and are feeling right at home. 

 What is your idea of perfect happiness? 

 Ten months ago, I am sitting at work on a conference call. The call is going well – I am leading a  team and our project is successful. I am feeling good about what we are accomplishing. I think  to myself “I have worked hard for this and I am happy – this is what I am meant to be doing”.  Fast forward to any single day following January 28th, 2018, the day our son Sterling James was  born. I find myself sitting on many occasions, a smile on my face, a cup of tea beside me, along  with a book (of fiction and not work-related!), and the most beautiful creature I could imagine,  (my son!) asleep in my lap. It strikes me, as it always does, that I am so grateful to finally know  what perfect happiness feels like (this could also be part of the reason that at 6 months, we  have not yet managed to transition to the crib for naptime…) 

 What has been your greatest journey?

 This is a good question to follow the last, as it is has been an amazing journey to finally feel like I  am doing what I was always meant to – nurturing my family including my husband, son, and of  course our rescue cat, Smitty. Starting in Calgary, Canada as a Registered Nurse, I graduated in  2003 and took the opportunity to travel through Australia and work in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Loving the UK, I returned in 2008 did my MBA at Oxford University, living and working in London  afterwards. For the past 7 years, I have been a traveling healthcare consultant, ending up in  Chicago where I met my husband, Rick. Life up until that point had been fast-paced, transitional,  challenging, and never quite settled (though definitely exciting). The move to Petaluma brings  great changes to our family and the opportunity for us to slow down, enjoy each other, and be  grateful for what Rick calls the “salad days”. 

 What is your greatest fear? 

 Fortunate to have traveled a lot and lived in multiple places in three countries, my greatest fear  is and has always been missing out on time with family members who are far away. This is the  reason that James, at 6 months, has already flown internationally three times, as well as across  the US twice! We are fortunate to be very close to our family both in Canada, as well as the US,  and to have many close friends (like family!) in many different places. It is our priority to spend  time together and that means that we are good at using our Southwest and United points and    that James is already wondering how it is possible that his grandparents live in mama’s smart  phone. Lucky for us, Petaluma is a travel destination of the world, so we are assured many  visitors and our guest room is always at the ready.

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