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September Craft - Weave a Spider Web

09/24/2018 1:19 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Get ready for Halloween (never too early!) with this fun craft - submitted by Stephanie Walsh.

Weave a Spider Web


Paper plate (the sturdier the better)

Black yarn or string

Plastic spiders


Hot glue (optional for spider placement)


Cut out the center of the paper plate (adults/ older kiddos) and then cut small notches along the outer rim of your plate. I ended up making 16. These don't have to be exact, just spaced out enough to give your web room to grow.

● Tie a knot in your yarn and coming from the back place it in a notch. Now wrap the yarn around the plate front to back, moving randomly from notch to notch. Older kids will be pretty independent, but it will help if you sit with your tiny crafters to help.

● When your web is finished leave a long tail to tie your spider to. If you want to add other spiders feel free.

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