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July Member of the Month - Heather Carlson

07/10/2018 12:25 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Heather Carlson

July Member of the Month

Who are the members of your family? 

My husband who has put up with me for 8 1/2 years! Our first little monkey Avery, will be 4 in October, and our second little monkey will be a year in August! 

Why did you decide to settle in Petaluma? 

My husband and I didn't plan on having kids when we did. I was trying to travel as much as I could in my twenties and we both had no responsibilities and low paying jobs at the time. Once we found out we were expecting, plans changed. My husband scrambled looking for any type of career worthy job. My in laws moved to Kansas and decided to rent out their house to us here in Petaluma. It was a long and difficult transition but we were able to make it work and we now own a house in a nice area of Petaluma with a good school district. 

Why did you join the PMC? 

Going from one to two kids was really hard for me. Avery decided it was a good time to stop napping and my husband stretched out his paternity leave to take one extra day off for 6 months instead of taking one solid month off. We thought it would be more beneficial that way but I was home alone with a newborn and a toddler who was no longer napping and still does not have good safety awareness. I got really depressed and thought that joining the Mothers Club might give me some support and I could meet other moms of kids Ambers age. 

What is the most surprising part of becoming a parent? 

How much you change yourself for one little human. Even if you dont intentionally mean to. f I were to met the person I was a year before having kids, I wouldnt even know how to relate. 

Do you have any passions or hobbies outside of parenthood/career? 

When I was pregnant With Avery, I started sewing and crocheting again. I find these hobbies to be very time consuming with kids but someday I will craft again! 

What’s your perfect Friday night? 

Everybody passing out at 8 without any interruptions.. including me! 

Do you have any animals? 

Yes! We have quails that we got for free off of facebook market app. Orginally, there were 45 but more than half did not fare well in the move. We have since then incubated 12 

What do your kids do that drive you crazy and what do they do that melts your heart? 

My daughter Avery loves to smother her sister. Its both adorable and annoying at times. Sometimes she flicks her sisters ear or snatches a toy from her or even feds her things she shouldn't eat. On the flip side, she loves kissing her and sniffs and rubs her head.. a lot.. Amber is very emotional which is both good and bad. She smiles all the time and laughs at the Simplest things but she also whines a lot and doesn't have a lot of patience. She's either one emotion or another but she will let you know how she's feeling. 

Does your family have any special traditions? 

When we were little, my mom use to tell us about the day we were born every year on our birthday. I try to keep that up with my girls. I tell a kid version of what really went down because lets face it, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows! Haha!  

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