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November Craft - Gratitude Tree

11/09/2018 1:31 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Gratitude Tree

Submitted by: Caitlin McSorley

Inspired by: https://handsonaswegrow.com/thanksgiving-thankful-tree/

My kids and I have made this Gratitude Tree a few years in a row, changing it slightly each time. They really enjoy the added step of painting (of course), but it can be done very simply to suit your kids' ages, supplies handy, and parental energy level! It is such a fun craft that continues all month and has truly improved our family conversations about gratitude and kindness. Every day (okay, most days) each of us adds a leaf with something for which we are thankful. 

Here is our method this year:


Butcher Paper (or other material for tree trunk & branches)

Construction paper or cardstock 



Paint & glue stick (optional) 

Step 1:

Make leaves! You can cut freehand or print from a template. We used this one: https://www.firstpalette.com/tool_box/printables/leaves.html

Step 2 (If painting leaves):

Lightly glue leaves to a large piece of butcher paper. Let kids paint over leaves and paper, making sure to cover the edges of the leaves. Once dry, gently remove the leaves, which will be decorated for the tree. The paper will have a nice pattern to use for wrapping paper, or other crafts. 

Step 3:

Cut out a tree trunk and branches from paper. Use painters tape to attach to wall. 

Step 4:

Throughout the month, have family members write what they are grateful for on leaves, and then tape them to the tree!

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