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December Member of the Month-Monica Canning

12/18/2018 11:27 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Monica Canning

December Member of the Month

 What is your idea of perfect happiness?

 I think perfect happiness is when you realize you have a full tummy, a warm bed, clothes  on your back and most importantly your family and friends. Oh, and a good balance in your  bank account! But for me, I would say when my son cuddles with me and gives me the  biggest hugs and kisses. I don’t get too many because he is a busy-body and won’t sit still,  so when he is feeling cuddly, I stop and enjoy the moment.

 What is your greatest fear?

 I would say I am scared of spiders, but honestly if I have to kill a spider because my  husband isn’t home then I would. I hate scary movies with a passion. During Halloween  they always have scary commercials of what’s in theaters and I always change the  channel  because I can’t stand it.

 Which living person do you most admire?

 I admire my mom the most, I love my dad too, but my mom is our rock. They both moved  to the States when they were 18 years old because I was on the way. While my mom was  pregnant, she worked two jobs and never complained about how she never got to finish  college. She is truly selfless and puts her children before herself.

 What has been your greatest journey?

 I would say motherhood. There are ups and downs and even though the downs are hard,  and can make me crazy, I cherish these moments.

 On what occasion do you lie?

 I’m not a great liar. I blush and can’t keep a story straight!

 What is your greatest regret?

 My greatest regret would be not traveling enough. When I graduated from high school all  my friends were saving up to go to Europe or Central America and they took a year off from  college. I thought that was insane! I felt like I needed to go straight to college and get my  degree and start working and buy a house etc. I wish I had that year off between high  school and college to “find” myself as my friends called it. Oh and don’t take 17 college  units or else you’ll get burnt out!

 What do you consider your greatest achievement?

 I would say my greatest achievement would be my dental hygiene degree. I was that kid  that enjoyed going to the dentist maybe it was because I never had a cavity. Going to the  dentist was not scary for me and I always looked forward to my cleanings.

 When and where were you happiest?

 The happiest time in my life was when I lived in Georgia. It was a love-hate relationship  since I wasn’t a fan of the humidity, but I was still in college and just got accepted to the  dental hygiene program and that’s where I met some amazing friends. I still talk and visit  them.

 If you could change one thing about your family, what would it be?

 I don’t think I would change my family, even the crazy people, I still love them. I would  change my in-laws though! I am just kidding, I think we all feel that way sometimes.

 If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

 This question is a hard one. I think something I wish I could change would be how sensitive  I am. I wish I could speak my mind. For example, my husband is the most up-front, no  sugar coating outspoken person, but I am the opposite. If someone does something I don’t  like and it surprises me I keep to myself until I’m home and can think of all the stuff I wish I  could have said.

 Which talent would you most like to have?

 I wish I could play the piano!

 What is your most treasured possession?

 My most treasured possessions are my grandpa’s things. He passed away last year after  the holidays and he always wore Hawaiian shirts that we used to hate seeing him wear  because they weren’t the prettiest pattern, but I kept a few and I want to make pillowcases  so I can hug him anytime I miss him!

 Where would you like to live?

 Sonoma County is my hometown. I was born and raised here and after living in Utah and  Georgia, I am exactly where I want to live. Petaluma! It’s the best community and everyone  is there for each other. Plus my elderly neighbors are the best!!

 What do you most value in your friends?

 Honesty, I don’t care to have a ton of friends because I rather have true honest friends. I  have found some great Petaluma mom friends and I am so excited for my son to grow up  with their kids.

  Who are your heroes in real life?

 Fireman and police officers, especially during the fires we have had. They are courageous  men and women who put others first. 

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