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February Activity - Flour Piping

02/25/2019 4:50 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
Flour Piping

Well, we're facing another week of rain in the forecast. Even though stormy days at home make me lazy, they tend to make my kids stir crazy. We did this activity recently, from my go-to for all fun things for tiny humans: Hands On As We Grow, to keep them busy indoors!




Food coloring

Large Bowls, Ziploc Bags, and something to contain the mess (we use old baking trays)

Extra time and patience to clean up the mess

Here's how it goes:

  • Kids scoop flour into bowls.
  • Kids add water.
  • Kids stir.
  • Once it's a gooey mess, and they've stirred until their little hearts are content, kids scoop the goo into bags. Then squeeze in some food coloring, seal, and kids squish it in.
  • Hold bag over paper/tray/trough and snip the corner. 
  • Kids go to town. 

So to recap, that's: scooping, pouring, stirring, coloring, squeezing, and then messy experimentation. Basically a daily to-do list for the weird and wild little ones!

My 4 year old had some seriously zen moments. But she's also genetically programmed to push limits, so she scooped, dripped, and eventually flung her pepto bismal goo everywhere, and my head almost exploded.

My 2 year old was super interested in moving the colors around without mixing, until he wasn't. And then it all became a grey mess. Eventually he caught onto what sis was doing and his ended up everywhere too.

As for the mess: happy kids make happy moms, right? The cleanup was worth it. Happy rainy day flour piping! Share pics of how it goes for you!

- Caitlin McSorley (blog editor)
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