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March Board Member of the Month-Jessica Bryant

03/26/2019 11:18 AM | Anonymous

Jessica Bryant

March Board Member of the Month


 It’s a privilege to be recognized as the PMC board member of the month! I joined in 2016 shortly  after my son Austin was born and am the administrator for our 2019 Babies group. My husband  and I have lived in Petaluma since we were born; though, having gone to rival high schools, we  didn’t start dating until years later. 

 We absolutely love it here. It has been wonderful to watch our little town blossom into the thriving  place we all appreciate today. Being in the PMC makes us feel even more connected to our  community.

  As a family, we enjoy participating in local events and getting outside together on the weekends.  We love to hike and explore county parks and beaches. My husband and I both enjoy cooking  and eating, and you can often find us at the farmer’s market or trying out a new restaurant. Music  is huge for us too. We try to expose our son to as much as possible. The more diverse the better!  I also love to garden and read. 

 I studied child development in college and have worked professionally with children in one form  or another for 15 years; being a mama feels like the culmination of that experience. My plan is to  work as a preschool teacher as soon as our second child is old enough to attend. 

 I feel thankful for the travel and thrill-seeking life experiences I had before settling into my current  role, as it has given me wonderful perspective in motherhood. I’m so very grateful to be parenting  alongside this dynamic group of people in the Petaluma Mothers Club and I look forward to  what’s to come!

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