New kid on the block!

08/07/2019 1:22 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Hello ladies! My name is Kaylani Bronson and I am a new member, the blogger and I just so happen to be the new kid on the block! I wanted to share a little bit about myself and my family with you all! 

My husband is an electrical linemen and we have traveled for his work for a few years living out of our fifth wheel camper. We mainly traveled just in Kansas which is where we are both from, one day Kenneth came home and said let’s go to California! So we packed up the camper and hit the road (I waited with our daughter at my grandmas then flew out here). Basically long story short is we couldn’t find a camp spot for full timers that was in the area or big enough for our camper and the hotel room after 3 weeks was just no longer an option so we decided maybe a house would be the better way to go! Sooo we knew we wanted to be within an hour from the bay and basically picked Petaluma because it “looked nice” (I know that’s crazy haha) 

So here we are living in a home in California with our almost two year old daughter Kinsley and newborn baby boy Karl! We have no family or friends out here so it has been a crazy ride! Thankfully I was introduced to this club and I’ve never felt so involved in something already! The ladies in this group are seriously amazing and so supportive, which is actually incredibly different than back home. Everyone has been so welcoming and wonderful to us especially since we have had the baby. The meal train was one of the best things I think I have ever experienced! I am incredibly blessed to have been introduced to this group and I’m so thankful for everyone I’m meeting! 

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