Fun Activities

09/14/2019 10:10 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Keeping your little ones happy and also burning energy can sometimes be a challenge. It’s so hard keeping our little ones busy and there is so much to do in this beautiful city/state. The problem I am coming across is how to keep my toddler happy while having a newborn connected to me! It’s seriously one of the hardest challenges I’ve encountered so far (real note there’s plenty more!). When it’s crazy hot outside the park just doesn’t quite cut it. On days it’s hot the Park for mornings are great but then the afternoon comes and I have a stir crazy little monster running around the house bored out of her mind, so I am starting to utilize some indoor options! PMC offers $3 open gym Friday’s at Adventure Recreation Center which we went to this Friday and it was a total hit! Then I found out about this place called Time Out which I’m sure most of you know of but for any other new members that have also recently moved here or new moms with kids just starting to get on their feet and run around, is another little gym-like place for little kids. We went there today and I had to pry my daughter out of there, so it was also very successful. I wanted to post about these things as ideas for the remaining hot days and also for the upcoming rainy days for our little ones to still be able to enjoy their days and for us moms to not go crazy stuck inside with all that energy. 

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