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Flu season and crossing fingers!

02/10/2020 8:40 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Tis the season for the flu! It’s the most horrible time of the year! (See what I did there) The season for the flu has hit us hard this year, and like most of you I am exhausted with being stuck inside with sick children every other week. I want to hang out with my mom friends and I want my kids to play with theirs too, and yet here we are sick. Again. I know we are all holding on by the last thread but we are ALMOST out of it ladies. So I thought I’d tell you a bit about my past two weeks to help cheer you up/let you know it’s not just you and your children. It’s all of ours. 
So my child is perfectly fine one day and we are at play dates, I try to keep them very involved as it keeps me involved as well. As we are sitting at dinner my daughter begins to pass gas, so I thought, but listen ladies this was no regular gas this was wet sickness coming from her body, as she ate. Yum right? It’s such a mess I decide to clean her up and a bath is needed for sure, so she gets in the tub and everything is fine she’s happy, playing, normal little 2 year old self enjoying the tub time and all of a sudden she looks up at me with a face that looks like something is wrong and I see it just shooting through the water. Yep. In the tub. Not once but twice. (Obvi I cleaned it out the first go round and started the bath over again). Thought okay it’s just the runs no big deal it’s out now. The rest of the night we were changing her diaper every 20-45 minutes, her bottom was beat red and it lasted two days (the tub seen a lot more the next day too). 
Don’t worry there’s good news coming, she beat it, it was a two day bug and we all survived it. Four days later my 6 month old comes down with a cough, fever, and running nose. No big deal right? I mean it’s just flu season. We are on day 3 of a sick baby and a happy toddler just trying to live her best life and we are fine just taking it one day at a time. Actually as I write this I can’t help but laugh at what a terrible week and a half it’s been! My point here is, we are almost through it! We are on the last lap almost to the finish line and we can all go back to fun mommy/children play dates! Just hang in there ladies!! 

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