04/23/2020 1:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

One of the hardest things about Shelter-In-Place for me and my family is not being able to see our extended family. Our kids are fortunate that they have both set of Grandparents in relatively close proximity, so they see them often. Having little ones and explaining why we can go over to their Grandparents house, and why they can’t come to ours is a daily battle. I’ve run out of ways to try to put words to these crazy times we are living in. Since I can barely wrap my head around it, image how it is for your little ones. I know I’m not alone with this struggle. 

So when I was searching Pinterest for ideas on what we would do in “Preschool” this week, I came across this post:  link ( You can MAIL A HUG. So my preschooler and I worked together and had a blast doing it. It’s super easy! 

We’d all rather give a hug, but why not mail one while we wait?


Materials Needed:

A roll of paper (but if you don’t, just tape a bunch together until you get the length you need!)



An Envelope (and a sense of humor on how to fold the hug without squishing little paper fingers)

A Pen to Address the Envelope

A Stamp


Have fun and remember. We’re all in this together so if you have any ideas on projects or helpful hints during this time, please feel free to share them with


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