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I don't know about you but I am in the throes of Covid burnout. I have accepted and one hundred percent understand the importance of the new norm but I am frustrated and frankly, bored! I am sure that speaks to my privilege, but that is another conversation for another day.

Thankfully we live in an amazing little town that has somehow maintained a semblance of normalcy this fall, as we prepare for the encroaching holiday season. Petaluma has pulled together and managed to offer some really fun and safe events for parents and also for families.

I am going to try to post some upcoming events every couple weeks that sound like I would enjoy them and hey, you might too. Hopefully we can find some joy during this holiday season and put the stress of our daily lives aside for a few hours at some of these events.

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PMC director of Communications (aka blogger extraordinaire)

EVENTS that sound fun to me

SATURDAY OCTOBER 10 - Brewsters Beer Garden OKTOBERFEST 2020

I think this event is more for the adults but hey, call up that in-law or friend who you are quarantining with (if that exists) and let loose (as safely as possible)!     You deserve it!

RESERVATIONS highly recommended, use the link below for more info.


SATURDAY OCTOBER 16 - HOCUS POCUS! Drive in Movie at the Petaluma Fairgrounds

This will be tons of fun for the whole family! Follow the link to get tickets and learn more information.


All of my information comes from the Visit Petaluma website, which I highly recommend!

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