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10/19/2023 9:32 AM | Deleted user

On a 93 degree day, we headed to Pronzini Farms on Adobe Rd. Four grandparents, mom and dad all soldiered on in the heat. I could tell that Rorie was feeling it too because she wanted uppies the whole morning.

Rorie had her heart set on the bouncy houses as soon as we arrived, but she was soon discouraged when she saw how crowded they were. As a two year old, she gets a little nervous when there are bigger children bouncing around, so we moved on to the corn pit and that was a big hit. Under the awning, it was the coolest place to hang out.  The ponies across from the pit caught Rorie’s eye so we moved along for her first ride. The little mechanical rides were definitely the highlight for her and she went on four quarters’ worth of rides.  We noticed a lull in the bouncy house so ran over for a few bounces and runs down the slide. At this point all the grown ups were ready for a break from the sun and took the opportunity to enjoy some churros and iced tea while Rorie rolled around the corn pit some more.

Our last hurrah was a run up the hay stack pyramid and then a quick walk through the pumpkin patch because it was already nap time and we were all melting. 

A week later, we returned with Rorie’s older cousin. This time we went in the early evening and it happened to be a very welcome cloudy day. I could see the difference in Rorie’s energy on a cool evening and perhaps it was just more fun having the company of another child. 

While Rorie had fun, I’d say that Pronzini’s is probably more appropriate for older children. I felt bad explaining to her she wasn’t old enough or tall enough to go on some of the rides or bigger bounce houses. 

So far, the only other pumpkin patch we have been to is the Petaluma Pumpkin Patch off of Stony Point, and I think that one is a much better pick for toddlers. We went on a weekday afternoon for a playdate with a friend a few weeks ago, and the place was practically empty. Rorie and her friend had the bounce houses and slides all to themselves and they had such a blast. The best part for me that afternoon was watching Rorie run around the actual pumpkin patch with her play date. They had so much fun just doing their own thing, running in the dirt and giggling. 

I get that the bounce houses and rides are fun for children, but I think that there’s a place and time for them. The purest in me would like to see a pumpkin patch that just had the patch, the corn pit, and the animals; just the farm and fall related fun. I always think, particularly for young children, the simpler the better. If anybody knows of any such pumpkin patch, please email me! 

If you haven’t already, check out the pumpkin patch guide on the PMC website! 

Happy Fall everyone! 


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    This was great! Thanks for sharing your experience.
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