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August Member of the Month-Jessica Kawaoka

08/22/2018 4:08 PM | Anonymous

Jessica Kawaoka

August Member of the Month

 Who are the members of your family?

 Eric and I have been married for 2 years, together for 9. We have one child, Eliahna (almost 2)  and are hoping for more. We also share our home with 2 dogs, a cat who thinks he’s a dog and  10 chickens.

 Why did you decide to settle in Petaluma?

 I am from Humboldt County originally, then Santa Barbara for college and then Marin. Eric is  third generation Petaluman, so when things moved forward to living together there really was no  question. I don’t think we will ever leave, and honestly, I would never want to. I love it here!

 Does your family have any special traditions?

 I was so excited when I figured out our family’s “thing” — we forage our own shellfish. Clamming  and musseling mostly, although Eric does a bit of crabbing and abalone diving as well. From  September to April we try to make as many low tides. By the time Eliahna was 6 months old she  had been clamming more times than most people do in their life. 

 Who is the greatest love of your life?

 How do you even answer that question? It’s similar to “what came first, the chicken or the egg”. Is  it Eliahna or is it Eric? I don’t know that I could choose. Eric brought love, contentment and  security into my life when I needed it the most. He is my rock and my best friend. Eric challenges  me to grow and become a better person in ways I never really considered important before.  Together we created the most loved and magical element of both our worlds - Eliahna. That little  girl has shown me that love has no limits. Just when I think I can’t love her more, she proves me  wrong. Don't get me wrong, they are times they both drive me completely nuts!

 Do you have any passions or hobbies outside or parenthood/career?

 Before Eliahna I lived my passion. I worked in animal sheltering for over 10 years, most recently  running the Adoption and Intake programs at the Humane Society of Sonoma County. I took  about a year off to fully focus on Eliahna. This year I’ve taken a more active role in supporting my  husband as a Sergeant First Class in the Army Reserves. In January I became the Leader of the  Family Readiness Group for the 374th Engineer Company (supporting families and soldiers in  Eric’s unit), and most recently I joined the VFW Post 1929 Auxiliary here in Petaluma. BTW - thank  you again to all the PMC momma’s who came out in June to help the Auxiliary pack up 75 care  packages to send to solider in Afghanistan. You ladies rocked it!!

 Why did you join the PMC?

 Years ago I was at the Starbucks at the southend of Lakeville. While I waited for my coffee I saw a  business card for the Petaluma Mother’s Club. I think I must have been lonely for friends in the  area because I remember wishing I could check it out, but i wasn't even remotely close to being  ready to have kids. Fast forward who knows how many years, I got pregnant, remembered that  card and looked it up. I’m so glad I did. 

 What do you like most about the PMC?

 This is the first time I haven’t been working since I was 17. You don’t realize how much of your  social life is wrapped around your job until you don’t have one. Being a stay at home mom can  be pretty lonely and as an introvert, it can be a challenge to meet new people. PMC has  presented opportunities for connection and laid the path for so many new friendships with  other moms and dads going through the same ups and downs we are. I am tremendously  grateful for friendships I have found through this group. Oh, and the Buy, Sell, Trade group is  pretty great too :P


  • 08/25/2018 9:56 PM | Deleted user
    I really love the comment of who you loved the most. Tough to say. I think we all love pur kids the most but without or spouse, we would never have had them in the first place.
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