New year, same mother

12/31/2019 8:46 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The holidays are wonderful, beautiful, and let’s be honest....terrible! Remember the holidays before children?! You just show up all by yourself/with the partner and it’s all happy fun and games if you show or don’t, but now you’re the one with the beautiful babies and now are expected to be everywhere! Everyone wants to see these babies but no one remembers how hard it was to prep a side or dessert, dress the kids (or pack) dress yourself! (Or pack) show up, and just celebrate right?! No! How can we celebrate when we have to still parent while everyone is trying to kiss on those fragile little babies! And let’s not get started on pleasing everyone including the in-laws! Holidays with children are now so much fun but can be such a stressful time and I’m here to say it’s okay to be glad their over! 
Now, speaking of the holidays, we must discuss the new year! The holidays are over and now we must talk about the stress we put on ourselves for our New Years resolution. Yes, let’s be better, let’s eat better, be healthier, look better (for us) but let’s be real with ourselves! We are busy moms! We have so much on our plate and let’s not forget to take a moment and be proud of what we have done by bringing these babies into the world with our bodies AND keeping them going every single day! It’s hard work and you should be proud and not stressing over some stupid resolution! 
Ladies we made it through 2019 without the kids taking over, let’s raise our glasses to still staying in charge of 2020!


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