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    Does everyone know that the PMC loves to set up and fill meal trains for mamas who need a helping hand? Read Jessica's testimony below to hear more about this awesome resource.

    PMC Meal Train!
    Submitted by: Jessica Marcy

    Just had a baby and don’t know anyone in the PMC yet - ask for a meal train!  Slipped and fell after giving your splashing toddler a bath and threw out your back? Ask for a meal train! Lost a friend or family member and can’t bring yourself to cook? Ask for a meal train. Mamas: don’t be afraid to reach out!

    I had my daughter in October 2017, and 7 months later my husband rushed me to the hospital with serious pain in my chest, stomach, and back.  It turned out I needed to have surgery to remove my gall bladder.  To add insult to injury, literally, during the surgery some gallstones slipped and I had to go back a few days later for a separate procedure.  Needless to say, I needed support.

    Even though I am a very outgoing and social person, I was initially hesitant to reach out to the PMC ask ask for a meal train because I felt embarrassed.  I was healing okay and should have been able to take care of my family, right?  I got over that very quickly once I realized what recovery actually looked like.

    So I took the plunge and reached out… and guess what?  It was so worth it, and NOT embarrassing at all. When it came to getting rest after caring for my kid all day, instead of worrying about a meal for my family, that food on my doorstep made all the difference.

    I have volunteered for a few meal trains and, honestly, it feels good to be able to do one small thing.  For me, bringing a meal to someone is no big deal.  But as a mom who’s been on the receiving end of a meal train, it’s a huge deal.  

    I know it how hard it can be, but I want all of you stubborn mamas out there to know it’s okay to ask for help! My meal train was filled quickly; this is a community of parents who GET IT.  They get that stuff happens, that life is hard sometimes, and they really want to help lift you up. 

    If the idea of asking for help still seems scary to you, have a friend to ask for you!  Shoot a quick text saying, “Hey - I’m having a really hard time adjusting after my c-section.  Think you can send the Meals-in-a-Pinch coordinator an email and ask for a 5-day meal train?”

    This resource is here for you - use it!  I’m so glad I did.

    Editor's Note: I cannot agree with what Jessica wrote more! Just two months ago I had my third baby, and my hands full. A friend requested a meal train for me before I could even get around to doing it, and I was blown away by how quickly it filled up. I also have really enjoyed bringing meals to others; it's a fun and fairly easy way to participate in supporting our PMC village. 

    To request a meal train for yourself or on behalf of another member, please email: meals@petalumamothersclub.org

    - Caitlin McSorley 

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    Preston Stohs

    January Member of the Month

     My wife and I have lived in Petaluma for a little over 3 years, we previously lived in Colorado. The  PMC was a great way for us to make connections and especially for getting established in a new  town while we started our Family. We have one son, Ever, who is almost 2 1/2. He’s a playful,  thoughtful, outdoor-loving and abundantly energetic little guy that keeps us on our toes physically  and mentally. 

     I was happy to be involved in the start of the PMC Dads group which is really just starting to have  a firm foundation. I’m excited to see what that grows into and the amazing things that will come of  it. It’s a great group of Dads that are easy going and great to hang out with. The Dads group has  been an important part of my life as a new parent, and especially as a father to have a  community of other guys to talk with, learn from, and have a great time with while we navigate the  parental world. 

     My wife and I hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2012 which was 2000 miles of long days, and  constant ups and downs. While it pales in comparison to the joys and blessings of having our  son, it certainly prepared us for parenthood in a way we never would have imagined. Plans don’t  go as planned, unknown things are always around the next corner, and it’s important to be  prepared for any kind of weather! But having a strong community, like Petaluma and the PMC  group makes all the difference in the world. 

     Looking forward to meeting more people in this community and further participating and growing  the Dads Group - encourage Dads to join if they aren’t already part of the group!

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    Caitlin McSorley

    January Board Member of the Month

     Thank you, PMC board, for nominating me as board member of the month. My role in editing the blog this  year has allowed me more time to write (a treasured pastime) and to stay involved with this awesome  organization. 

     I’ve gotten a lot from being a part of the PMC, and have realized the importance of support and shared  experiences in parenting. I consider myself fortunate to have a helpful husband, close family members, and  lifelong friends. But the friendships I’ve made with other moms of young children have often helped me  stay sane in all this chaos. Well, maybe not entirely sane, but closer to it.   

     Motherhood has been my greatest, most fulfilling, and yet hardest journey in life. As a stay at home mom  of three, my daily life revolves around my kids - aged 4, 2, and 1 month – and I wouldn’t have it any other  way. I consider myself to be successful in this job (most days) but it hasn’t always been easy giving up my  past life to get here. Some days the 24/7 needs feel like they are too much to handle; others are filled  entirely with joy and love. Through the good and the bad, in every day, I’m proud to have achieved the title  of “Mama”. 

     My partner in crime, my true love, without whom this life would not be possible, is my dog. Just kidding -  it’s my husband, of course. Our life together revolves around our little family, but my husband and I rely  the most on our love and connection to be the center of it all. Not all days are easy, and we don’t always see  eye to eye in parenting. But we work as a team (good thing, since the little ones outnumber us now). 

     When I’m not focusing my time and energy on family life, I try to find some quiet solitude. I enjoy writing,  reading, baking, and walking (which used to be running, before my body turned into a baby machine).  Eventually, when the kids are in school, I look forward to joining other adults in the working world once  again. But for now, I’m all about kids, family, mom friends, and lots of coffee.

     Thanks again, PMC, for all the support and for making me board member this month!  

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    Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film ArchiveSubmitted by Madeline Backman

    This weekend we took a trip the the Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive*.  I have such delightful memories of this place when it was in its old location and I was in my blissfully easy pre kid days.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but was blown away with how kid friendly BAMPFA is now. 

    In addition to the current Masako Miki exhibit, which is a giant felted wonderland, there is a children’s art area in which kids can use a ton of supplies to make whatever they can dream up. There is also a sweet reading and building area, and really great interactive seating area where kiddos can move large soft benches to make forts and climbing structures.  They also show films and have tons of special events.  Even though we went on a Sunday it was not overly crowded and most visitors were families with kids.  We spent about 2 hours at the museum with only one meltdown (over leaving the gift shop without getting to buy anything) so I’d call that a success.  

    Since it’s across the street from the UC Berkeley campus there are so many reasonable, casual and kid friendly eating places within a block or two of the museum.  We ate at Comal Next Door, the causal Mexican food sister restaurant to one of our favorite (pre kid) places.  Other great options include Cancun, Saturn Cafe & Sliver Pizzeria.  

    We also walked around the UC Berkeley campus for an hour or so, rounding out a really nice day in the East Bay. 

    The best part was that since we just joined the Petaluma Museum we get into most Bay Area museums for free.  It’s an awesome perk and makes supporting our local museum even more rewarding.  


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    Ryan Ray

    Baby Ryan Ray, born 1/10/19 to parents Coree and Jesse.

    - Coree Ross Suarez

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    Evelyn Jeanne McSorley

    Born 12/12/18.

    Welcomed lovingly by Caitlin, Kevin, Big Sis Addie, and Big Bro Owen. 

    - Caitlin McSorley
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    Florence Campbell Smith 

    Born 11/20/18!

     - Danielle Ticoulat-Bowers

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    Asa Anderson Welensky

    My little guy arrived 12/5/2018. Here’s Asa Anderson Welensky.

    Looking forward to seeing all the other new babies soon! Big brother is 3yo and named Levi, Dad’s name is Zach:)

    - Annie Welensky
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    Sonoma County Emergency Services will be speaking about how to make a plan for your family and what to put in a “go bag."
    Adults and babies in arms only please. Please RSVP on Wild Apricot for each member of your party so we can keep an accurate head count. Event is open to the public so feel free to invite your friends!


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