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    Do you ever have the feeling of not knowing what to make for dinner? I do ALL THE TIME. I feel like I make the same old thing every night. After having two kids, I have lost my creativity and drive to make a 12 course meal. I finally found something that I would like to share with you all.

    I’m sure many of you have heard of Hello Fresh or other similar types of meal services. They send you weekly meals and you can choose how many people, how often to receive them and what type of meals. This type of service is exactly what I have been looking for.

    Our fellow PMC blogger gave me a free trial to use so I went ahead and put my first order in. It came the next week and the first meal was a hit. Of course, Adam would rather have a slab of meat but the girls would for sure NOT eat a hunk of cow…..so pasta it is!

    You just follow the recipe card that is provided and voila you’ve got a meal!

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    Congratulations to parents Elizabeth and Micah Hope, and big brother Wyatt. Baby Finn Carter Hope was born on July 24th and is such a cutie. 

  • 09/21/2019 4:10 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Tonight I learned of some heart aching news of a toddler being mauled by a family dog (Good Day Sacramento, 2019). This reminded me of the importance of teaching our crazy, sometimes impulsive kiddos safety when interacting with dogs. 

    The American Academy of Pediatrics offers some quick tips:

    • Always supervise children with dogs. Yep, even your family dog.
    • Act calm/no aggressive play with dogs. No growling or wrestling.
    • Ask for permission to gently pet. Allow dog to sniff child prior to petting and try not to pet face or tail.
    • Leave dogs alone that are sleeping, eating, or with puppies. (Can I substitute moms for dogs here?)
    • If knocked over by a dog, curl into a ball and cover face with arms and fist (2017).

    Many of us love dogs and most dogs do not mean any harm. However, our children (especially toddlers) don’t always have the best manners with animals and can accidently provoke them. Let’s help teach our children how to be a dogs best friend. 


    Good Day Sacramento. (2019). Toddler Mauled To Death By Family Pit Bull In Granite Bay. Retrieved from https://gooddaysacramento.cbslocal.com/2019/09/20/infant-mauled-to-death-pit-bull-granite-bay/

    American Academy of Pediatrics. (2017). Dog Bite Prevention Tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Retrieved from https://www.aap.org/en-us/about-the-aap/aap-press-room/news-features-and-safety-tips/Pages/Dog-Bite-Prevention-Tips-2017.aspx

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    Keeping your little ones happy and also burning energy can sometimes be a challenge. It’s so hard keeping our little ones busy and there is so much to do in this beautiful city/state. The problem I am coming across is how to keep my toddler happy while having a newborn connected to me! It’s seriously one of the hardest challenges I’ve encountered so far (real note there’s plenty more!). When it’s crazy hot outside the park just doesn’t quite cut it. On days it’s hot the Park for mornings are great but then the afternoon comes and I have a stir crazy little monster running around the house bored out of her mind, so I am starting to utilize some indoor options! PMC offers $3 open gym Friday’s at Adventure Recreation Center which we went to this Friday and it was a total hit! Then I found out about this place called Time Out which I’m sure most of you know of but for any other new members that have also recently moved here or new moms with kids just starting to get on their feet and run around, is another little gym-like place for little kids. We went there today and I had to pry my daughter out of there, so it was also very successful. I wanted to post about these things as ideas for the remaining hot days and also for the upcoming rainy days for our little ones to still be able to enjoy their days and for us moms to not go crazy stuck inside with all that energy. 

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    Hello ladies! My name is Kaylani Bronson and I am a new member, the blogger and I just so happen to be the new kid on the block! I wanted to share a little bit about myself and my family with you all! 

    My husband is an electrical linemen and we have traveled for his work for a few years living out of our fifth wheel camper. We mainly traveled just in Kansas which is where we are both from, one day Kenneth came home and said let’s go to California! So we packed up the camper and hit the road (I waited with our daughter at my grandmas then flew out here). Basically long story short is we couldn’t find a camp spot for full timers that was in the area or big enough for our camper and the hotel room after 3 weeks was just no longer an option so we decided maybe a house would be the better way to go! Sooo we knew we wanted to be within an hour from the bay and basically picked Petaluma because it “looked nice” (I know that’s crazy haha) 

    So here we are living in a home in California with our almost two year old daughter Kinsley and newborn baby boy Karl! We have no family or friends out here so it has been a crazy ride! Thankfully I was introduced to this club and I’ve never felt so involved in something already! The ladies in this group are seriously amazing and so supportive, which is actually incredibly different than back home. Everyone has been so welcoming and wonderful to us especially since we have had the baby. The meal train was one of the best things I think I have ever experienced! I am incredibly blessed to have been introduced to this group and I’m so thankful for everyone I’m meeting! 

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    The weather is beautiful and we live in wine country, so why not plan a fun day with your family and enjoy a day in the vineyards! There are many great options for families in this area and we've created a great resource guide to help you find the right location for your family. Check it out: Family Friendly Wineries.xlsx

    One of my personal favorites is Foley Sonoma located in the Alexander Valley in Geyserville. They have a large property where you can bring a picnic and play provided lawn games or enjoy their beautiful tasting room complete with an outdoor patio. No matter where you choose to picnic and taste, this property boasts picturesque views and is very family friendly! 

    Did we miss a winery in our roundup? Please send an email to resources@petalumamothersclub.org and we'll update our guide! 

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    Submitted by: Amy Cathcart

    My 4 year old has been super into science experiments lately, and one we recently did was teaching about capillary action- as we were playing with ink and water I got the idea to transfer this new knowledge into an art project for her! 

    Spring Flowers 

    1- We drew on coffee filters with markers making spirals of different colors on each one. 

    2- Then, we worked on folding skills and folded each coffee filter into a triangle shape by folding in half twice.  

    3- I lined up cups with about 1” of water in each one, and she put the folded coffee filter into the cup with just the tip of the triangle in the water. 

    4- We watched the water “climb” and blur the colors together, leaving us with beautifully colored coffee filters! 

    After they dried (24 hours later) we tied the bottom of the triangle with pipe cleaners and made a bouquet of spring flowers. This clearly wasn’t fancy enough for my fancy four year old, so we had to give them a quick spritz with perfume to make them smell pretty too

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    I'll admit it - I'm a little afraid of cooking fish. It's so simple, but in my head I make it crazy complicated. I'm filled with unfounded paranoia about over or under cooking it, forgetting a bone, making the house reek of fish, or turning my kids off seafood for good. 

    My point here is that, while I feel confident in cooking most dishes, fish just doesn't come naturally to me. 

    That being said, I'm really good at making this one, and my family likes it.

    Panko Crusted Salmon


    2/3 Cup panko

    2 T minced parsley

    1 T lemon zest

    1/2 t salt & 1/2 t pepper

    1 t Old Bay seasoning (optional, but necessary in my opinion)

    Olive oil

    4 salmon fillets, with skin

    2 T dijon mustard

    lemon wedges 


    Preheat oven to 425.

    In a small bowl, combine panko, parsley, lemon zest, and seasonings. Drizzle 2 T of olive in and toss to mix.

    With salmon fillets skin side down, brush each with dijon mustard, then salt & pepper. 

    Press a thick layer of panko over mustard.

    Heat oil over medium high in an oven safe skillet. Cook salmon, skin side down, for 3-4 minutes.

    Put pan in 425 degree oven for 5-7 minutes, then cover with foil and let rest for 5 minutes. 


    - Caitlin McSorley

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    Winston Robert Butts

    Karen (Mom), Jarrod (Dad), and Walter (big bro) are delighted to announce the arrival of the newest member of their family - Winston Robert Butts.  Winston arrived 9 days early on Tuesday, March 12 at 7lbs 1oz.  We're loving getting to know the new little guy, and so far we think he is awesome!

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